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Hi, my name is Daniel. I love skateboarding, I love to see pictures of landscapes, graffiti and music. I spend most on my time in that and hanging out with my friends. wanna know more? then stick around ;)

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Sex is messy 
    she said 
it’s sloppy and sweaty 
swapping body fluids 
heavy breathing
trying to catch your breath
then in a few minutes it’s over

Yeah, it’s messy
    he replied
but there’s nothing like the fire
of feeling someone’s skin against your own
that complete connection
mind, body and soul
it isn’t simply about catching your breath
it’s about trying to inhale someone else’s


the page holds the lines that hold the words that melt your heart
the heart holds the words that grace the lines that fill the page

any which way…

I love you more than the pages filled with lines and words from my heart
could ever possibly portray

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